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How to Save Money when Car Parking at the Airport

Often go by plane and take a private car to the airport and are still confused about parking financing if you want to put your car in? Or are you afraid that parking costs will soar if you put your car in the airport? Reporting from, there are six ways to save your pocket when parking a car in the airport.

1.Order at the beginning

Indeed, not all airports provide these facilities, but it’s good to find out about service profiles at the destination airport.

2. Look at sites both at airports and outside and compare prices

It’s good you start by looking for the official price of parking at the airport through the airport’s website to get an estimated price. Then, open other sites related to the price of parking at the airport and compare. Usually there will be a difference in the price of parking from the original site belonging to the airport and other sites which could be cheaper.

3. Order a hotel and parking agreement

If the departure of your flight is in the morning, it’s best to choose to stay at a hotel near the airport. So you can combine in-house services and parking at the hotel. To stay at an airport hotel and park your car for 8 to 15 days will be cheaper than if you stay at a hotel and park a car not in a hotel parking lot.

4. Check parking price offers while temporarily installing

Choose an ordinary parking lot with standard quality or valet, for example SFO Airport Parking offers a price of $ 2 every 15 minutes and $ 25 for each day while JFK Airport Parking provides a price of $ 4 for 30 minutes

If the prices of the two are not much different when going to park a car for two to three weeks from the date of departure it is not a problem for you. Because you can walk from the parking lot to the departure terminal or when you arrive at the arrival terminal. However, this offer is sometimes difficult to get.

5. Check the car parking standards

If you order a car park that is normal or valet, it is good to check where your car will be parked. Is the place an official parking lot or not.

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